How your skin and face ages from your 20s to your 40s and what you can do about it.

With every birthday we are lucky to have a new wrinkle might form and our skin begins to look and feel different. Moreover the actual shape and contour of face changes as well. This journey begins from our rosy 20s and into the following two decades of our 30s and 40s. We will have a look at what we can do lessen the impact of these changes and preserve a more youthful looking you.

In your 20s a great collagen supply keeps your skin healthy and with that amazing young skin glow. How you care for your skin in this decade will impact your 30s and 40s. Eighty per cent of wrinkles are caused by the sun so it’s vital to wear sunscreen.

The advent of your 30s will for most of us arrive with more fine lines and crows feet becoming more prominent. Of course, our best friend botox can assist with this and starting regular treatments at this point will help the appearance of these over time. The early signs of volume loss may also start to be apparent and whilst you might think that applying collagen topically will assist realistically whilst it might make your skin feel smoother it is not getting where it really counts. Light filling Redensity I mesotherapy will put in what Mother Nature is slowing taking away and give your 20s glow a run for its money.

For your 40s it’s all about the fillers as this is the decade when volume loss becomes even more apparent. We lose fat in the mid-face, around the temples and around the mouth and chin. Restoring fullness to these areas has never been easier with dermal fillers which will create a very natural rested look. Even hollow eyes can be addressed with the tear trough treatment so you can look younger but never over done.