Dermal fillers!

These sometimes get a bad reputation in the media and also on social media platforms with often horrible stories about botched procedures and people being left with significant problems. This is why it is very important that treatments with fillers are carried out by medically qualified practitioners. More often than not these botched procedures have been carried out by unqualified individuals who have not been medically trained to do these and are operating without licenses which is why the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons have been prompted to warn that better regulation is needed to protect patients from rogue practitioners.

Unlike botulinium toxins, dermal fillers are not classified as medicines and this therefore means that it is not a requirement for those administering them currently to be prescribers or have formal training. On the back of the recent Save Face report which highlighted 934 complaints in relation to botched fillers for 2018 which was up by 378 from 2 years previously, MPs led by Alberto Costa will debate whether there now should be tighter regulations, following meeting a constituent who had suffered an awful injury from receiving lip fillers by someone who was not medically qualified.

In Scotland whilst dermal fillers are still not classed as medicines the introduction of the regulatory body of clinics Health Improvement Scotland does go someway through the registration process to ensure that clinics operating have medical practitioners who are trained and qualified to carry out procedures; but the gap in the law currently does still allow some people who should not be carrying out these treatments to do so as they are not classed as medicines.

With Instagram coming under fire for targeting children as young as 13 with advertisements for aesthetic procedures it is becoming more important that we all understand that these treatments are not akin to having your nails or hair done but are serious medical procedures which should be carried out by those suitably qualified to do so.

Hopefully this debate will yield the results required.