# Juvedermit

Juvederm which is the world’s market leader for dermal fillers is set to
take social media with a new campaign which is aimed at empowering us all to
own our own look and ask for Juvederm by name – #juvedermit. In particular
there is to be a big social media impact on Thursday 7th March 2019 with
Allergan the company behind Juvederm partnering with Tatler, Glamour and
celebrity bloggers which they are streaming live to empower patients to make
informed decisions when considering treatments. Whilst health professionals
know that Juvederm is the leading brand worldwide consumers do not often
just referencing fillers as a general and not specific to the brand.

As Senior Vice President Carrie Strom said “At Allergan, our goal is to
educate and empower consumers to do what is right for them when it comes to
aesthetic treatments,” says Strom. “It’s all about personal choices. Whether
they want a subtle or dramatic look, whether they seek treatment now or five
years from now, we’re here to offer a range of solutions to help every
patient achieve their aesthetic goals.”

At Zest we have the full range of Juvederm Fillers which includes the
Vycross range that can be used for jaw lifting and contouring for you to
achieve the look that you want and we will be streaming the event as well.