Lip Fillers demand after love island

Demand for lip fillers has been rising with Love Island.

The Megan Barton-Hanson effect has seen a surge in the demand for lip fillers and other cosmetic procedures such as Botox as everyone wants to create that better version of themselves with fuller looking lips and the smooth taught skin that regular botox injections achieve. There is not a dark under eye shadow in sight on the villa as under eye dermal fillers such as the tear trough treatment to banish these.

Before pictures of Megan which have been circulating show a very different version of her to one that now has every man running after her in the villa. What this is showing is just how accessible this is for all of us. While we all know how massive the Kylie Jenner effect has been on lip fillers there is something infinitely more achievable about this all on Love Island and how it is generating a real “can do” effect with people wanting to make these changes to themselves. Something like a lip filler may cost upwards of £150 but the results will last 6-9 months. Under eye dark circles can be banished for up to 12 months with a dermal filler like the Redensity 2 treatment for £240 but that’s money that would have been spent on high end branded concealer for a year!

And its not just the women men it would appear to are looking at botox as well in a bid to increase there appearance.

All in all the love Island phenomenon is showing us that the better versions of ourselves are far more achievable than we realise and how easily we can create these with a few tweaks that aesthetic treatments can provide.