Why non surgical procedures facial fillers are fast becoming a hit with everyone!

In previous blogs we have seen how the Love Island effect has really got everyone wanting to look like Megan Barton Hanson after it became apparent how much work she has had done with the aid of flexible hyaluronic friends the dermal filler range.

Dermal fillers are now fast becoming the most popular way to enhance your facial features and are now more and more common, allowing you to lift, sculpt and firm the face without the need for invasive surgery. What we did not know though was that many of the celebrities who’s looks we have always been in awe of and thought that they were born with such amazing high cheeks and chiselled jaw lines have in fact been getting dermal fillers for years to achieve them – think Kim Kardashian as a prime example.

And now we are all able to achieve these too as it is now more acceptable to have these things done as it is only enhancing what we have naturally! With places like Superdrug now offering aesthetic treatments on the high street and whilst this will not be for everyone it is a massive indication of how in general society’s attitude to aesthetics is changing and it is more akin to being part of your skin care routine now.

With dermal fillers results are instant and long lasting and more and more we are understanding the concept of the package – ie that it will take more than just a single syringe to create that sharp look we would like when we look at our face overall. For example at Zest Clinic Glasgow we offer 2ml of Teosyal Global for £280 as a multi purpose filler it can be used in the cheeks, lips, perioral area and nasolabial folds so is great to create that sculpted look.