Everything you need to know before getting a tear trough filler!

Since a certain Katy Perry alluded to having this undereye filler very recently what most of us don’t know is that the tear trough has been around for over a decade! What this procedure does which no eye cream or make up will achieve is smooth out the hollows and circles under the eye which deepen with age and in some cases this can just be genetics.

Consultation is the key with this procedure as given the close proximity to the eye certain medical requirements must be met before it would be administered. For example some people may think that they need it due to dark circles but this is often a result of hyperpigmentation and not volume loss and therefore it would not be carried out.

If you are deemed by the medical practitioner as being a candidate for the treatment, you will first be numbed around the areas which will be the injection sites following the removal of make-up and being made sterile, the product which at Zest is the Redensity II will be injected slowly with a cannula, the procedure is done slowly to reduce swelling and trauma to the tissue. Following this you will not be able to apply make up for 12 hours or to avoid infection but of course a full list of post treatment advice would be issued to follow. Results will be immediate but the full picture will not be wholly seen until all the initial swelling goes down.

The life span of the results will vary person to person as we all metabolise at different rates and this will affect how quickly/slowly the filler is dissolved into your body but manufacturer’s guidelines generally depict 9 to 12 months.