Ciao Bella

Bella Hadid has been facing increasing speculation that she has had help with her ever-changing face with some surgery, dermal fillers and botox.

Rumours have been swirling since the beginning of the year that she may have met with the surgeon’s scalpel for rhinoplasty which she has refuted in an article in Instyle magazine that she would be too frightened. She has also been prompted to hit back at the nae sayers and keyboard warriors on social media platforms when comments have been passed – most notably sending one of them blessings for jealousy.

However, top plastic surgeon Dr Esho of the Esho Clinic in Harley Street in London has been delving into this and comments from photos that her nose is more streamlined and whilst crafty make up contouring can achieve this and even a non surgical nose job with dermal filler Bella’s is a touch too refined for it to be either of these and more likely to have been from going under the knife.

He further speculates that her cheeks and jawline are more defined and whilst she has lost weight which can cause this it is a touch too lifted and most likely the result of some skilful dermal filling. A more open eyed look, line free forehead and raised brows all lean towards a dusting of botox injections. He finally adds that her lips appear to be the part of her face which have changed the most significantly – increasing in size and changing in shape again this will be down to the use of filler.

Maybe what this all shows is that even supermodels need a bit of help from time to time just like the rest of us.