The rise of Brotox

Dubbed “Brotox” guys are now jumping on the botox and filler band wagon to look younger.

With social media flooding us with photos of immaculate stars such as the Kardashians and programmes such as Love Island making us all feel more conscious of our appearance it is no surprise really that men are suffering insecurities too in terms of their looks and ageing.

We are probably all slightly guilty of analysing how we look on photos taken on Facebook and Instagram and it would seem that “the boys” are too.  According to 2017 data from the American Society for Plastic surgeons botox for men makes up almost 10 per cent  of all cosmetic procedures.  We all want to look well lit and younger without the need for filters so men do.

However, much as men may be succumbing to the allure of going under the needle and taking five to ten years off their appearance they are not as open to talking about like women are.  This may be to do with the stigma which surrounds men trying to improve their appearance and this being deemed as slightly feminine but this is slowly changing with Millenials in particular viewing botox and fillers as part of regular maintenance.

In fact Allergan have recently brought out a man in their Real Me Juvederm Campaign which features Scott in recognition of the fact that the aesthetic tide is turning for men and it is more acceptable for men to be open about treatments.

Brotox is set to stay with us for a while yet it would seem.